How to use “tabs”.

1) Highlight the word or phrase you want to use tabs on.

2) On the left top corner of the screen there is a little box with an arrow.








3) There are several different types of tabs. There are Left, Center, Right, Decimal, and a Bar. For most cases you will need the right, left, and decimal tabs. (In this case I am going to use the decimal option.) After you found the TAB box, click on it and click on Decimal. Highlight the number with a decimal you want to use. Note: only numbers with decimals will work.








4) After you highlight it, click a spot on the ruler. (Don’t worry if it doesn’t come out the way you want it you can fix it later.)








5) Click in the middle of the number and the text you want to separate from. Press TAB on your key board. If you notice, instead of the number skipping about 5 spaces, it will skip directly to the point where you have the tab on the ruler. You can move this side ways to adjust it to your desired position.

6) And there you go! It’s the exact same process with words. Except you use the other types of tabs like “Right” or “Left”. Now if you guys excuse me I’m going to take a break and go get some Tutti Frutti. =P


Any Questions? Send us a comment and we’ll add more to this article to answer your question. =)


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